I am currently an assistant professor of computer science in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas and a member of the Center for Machine Learning at UT Dallas.

I am broadly interested in combinatorial optimization, large-scale graphical models, approximate counting and inference, and belief propagation style (e.g., min-sum, sum-product, etc.) message-passing algorithms. For more details, see my recent publications.

Current Ph.D. Students: Yuqiao Chen, Hailiang Dong, Yuanzhen Guo, Shahab Shams, & Hao Xiong

Office Hours: See course pages and by appointment.


CS 4301, Numerical Methods for Machine Learning and Data Science: 2020fa

CS 4375, Introduction to Machine Learning: 2019fa

CS 6375, Machine Learning: 2018fa, 2017fa, 2016fa, 2015fa

CS 6347, Statistical Methods in AI and ML: 2019sp, 2018sp, 2017sp, 2016sp, 2015sp

CS 8V02, Convex Optimization: 2015fa