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  • Undergraduate courses:
    • EE3310 ELECTRONIC DEVICES (3 semester hours) Theory of solid state electronic devices. Physical principles of carrier motion in semiconductors leading to operating principles and circuit models for diodes, bipolar transistors and field effect transistors. Introduction to integrated circuits. Prerequisites: MATH 2471, PHYS 1302, EE 3301. Corequisite: EE3210. (3-0).  An example Syllabus.
    • EE3210 ELECTRONIC DEVICES LABORATORY (3 semester hours) Laboratory to accompany EE 3310. Experimental determination and illustration of properties of carriers in semiconductors including carrier drift, photoconductivity, and carrier diffusion; p-n junctions including forward and reverse bias effects, transient effects, photodiodes, and light emitting diodes; bipolar transistors including the Ebers-Moll model, and secondary effects; field effect transistors including biasing effects, MOS capacitance and threshold voltage. Corequisite: EE3310. (0-3).  An example Syllabus.
  • Graduate Courses:
    • EE6318 PLASMA PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY (3 semester hours) Practical information needed to understand and successfully integrate plasmas into a VLSI device fabrication process. The requirements for plasmas in semiconductor fabrication (ashing, etching, deposition, ultra fine line lithography); equipment technology (vacuum reactors and pumping systems, pressure and gas flow control, power generators and impedance matching, wafer chucks, temperature control etc.); plasma chemistry and surface reactions; plasma generation and properties (breakdown, bulk plasma, sheaths at surfaces); plasma diagnostics and control; characteristics of capacitively coupled, inductively coupled and wave coupled plasmas. Prerequisite: A background in modern physics and elementary electromagnetic wave propagation is helpful but not required. (3-0). An example Syllabus.
    • EE6320 SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE THEORY I (3 semester hours) Introduction to semiconductor devices including: semiconductor material properties, the equilibrium carrier distribution, charge transport processes, semiconductor interfaces to insulators and conductors, MOS capacitors, Schottky barrier diodes and p-n junction diodes. Prerequisite: EE 3310 or equivalent. (3-0). An example Syllabus.
    • EE6322 SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY (3 semester hours) An overview of semiconductor device manufacturing technologies. Topics include: Methods for the design of experiments, Lithography, Material properties, Crystal doping, oxidation, Epitaxy, Etching, and diagnostic techniques. Prerequisite: EE 3310 or equivalent. (3-0). An example Syllabus.
    • EE6371 PLASMAS FOR MATERIALS PROCESSING (3 semester hours) Theory of gas discharges related to the processing of semiconductor devices. Movement of charges in electromagnetic fields; distribution functions and the Boltzmann equation; fluid equation treatments; plasma sheaths; dc, low frequency and high frequency discharge structures; plasma chemistry and plasma diagnostic techniques. Prerequisite: A knowledge of Electromagnetic fields and waves (EE6316 preferred) or consent of instructor. (3-0).  An example Syllabus is not yet available on-line.
    • EE6372 SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESS INTEGRATION (3 semester hours) Overview of process integration issues for VLSI and ULSI including: Device isolation, Contacts, Interconnections. Specific device integration issues for NMOS, CMOS, Bipolar-BICMOS, and Memory (RAM and ROM). as well as introduction to process simulation. Prerequisite: EE 6322 or equivalent. (3-0).  An example Syllabus is not yet available on-line.
    • EE7371 CURRENT TOPICS IN PLASMA PROCESSING (3 semester hours) Discussion of current literature on plasma processing: applications, diagnostics, sources, chemistry and technology. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: A knowledge of Plasma Processing Technology (EE6318 Preferred) or consent of instructor. (3-0).  An example Syllabus.
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