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  •  I have consulted with both national labs and private companies.  I have extensive experience with a wide variety of plasma diagnostics and with a wide variety of hardware used in both plasma processing and plasma diagnostics.  Please visit the Plasma Applications Lab to see a list of some of the equipment that I have setup and use.  I have good physical insights and I have the common sense to use them.  If I don't think that I can be of help to you, it is likely that I know someone who can be a help and I will be glad to refer you to them.  Please remember that the consulting I do falls under the rules and regulations of the State of Texas, U.T. System, and U.T. Dallas and must be deemed to be beneficial to the University.
  • The State of Texas limits a professor's consulting time to 1 working day per week.  This need not keep me from helping in urgent problems, but, I mustn't exceed the 52 days per year, or approximately 20 days per semester.  I must be able to work my full work week at the University as well.
  • I am free to consult more if I am not a paid employee during a month (of the summer.)  This is an excellent period if you want a block of my time.  We can work out a schedule that is advantageous to both of us if you want me to work on your project for an extended period of time.  It still falls under applicable regulations.
Please feel at ease to contact me about your consulting issues using either my home email address (overzet@juno.com) or my business address (overzet@utdallas.edu).  I will gladly give you my home address and phone if you contact me this way.  My university address and phone number are below.

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University of Texas at Dallas,
P.O. Box 830688, EC33
Richardson, TX 75083-0688
Tel: (972)883-2154
Fax: (972)883-6839
email: overzet@utdallas.edu

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