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The UTD Engineering and Computer Science Program wants to support industry through education.  As such, it allows and even promotes teaching at local companies as well as companies outside the area.  This on-site teaching can be setup in several fashions, but. one appealing method is to contact the instructor of your choice and work with him/her to find an appropriate "on-site teaching" rate.  This rate can vary substantially from instructor to instructor.  The Engineering program adds a 25% overhead fee to this rate, but, in doing so allows the instructor to teach at your site using his/her facilities at UTD.  This can save substantial amounts in preparation time (and fees.)  In addition, this allows the instructor to teach at your site without it counting against his/her consulting, thereby leaving his/her consulting time open for your project.  You will need to determine whether Continuing Education credit and some other matters are important to you as part of this method as well.
An example of some rates are shown below.  Please call if you have questions and remember that the exact rates are subject to change without notice.
    Item:  Cost: 
A.   Senior  Personnel.   
  1. Overzet (Fee for preparation and delivery)  $To be negotiated with program. 
    Total senior personnel.  
B.   Other Personnel.     
  1. Teaching Assistant \ Grader.  N/A to be negotiated.
Total Salaries 
C.   Fringe Benefits ((A+B)*25% + monthly medical)   
      (benefits are not billed for short courses.)   
D.   Equipment.  
  1. Overhead projectors\boards supplied by client.   
  2. Sound equipment provided by client.  (if necessary).   
E.   Travel.  
  1. Flights\travel expenses provided by client.   
  2. Per Diem provided by client.   
F.   Materials and Supplies.   
  1. Overhead transparencies  $2/overhead 
  2. inks (printer)  $0.50/overhead 
  3. copying (& paper)  $0.15/overhead/attendee 
  4. Binders  $5/attendee 
  5. Misc.  $10
G.   Indirect Costs @ 25% mtdc  
      IDC is on items A, B, and C.  Not D, E, or F.   

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