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  1. The Effect of Metastable-Metastable Collisional Ionization on the Electron Energy Distribution Function of Pulsed Discharges. L. J. Overzet, M. B. Hopkins, J. Kleber and C. Bowles.  This is a presentation I gave at the 1995 Gaseous Electronics Conference.  In it I present evidence that metastable-metastable collisional Ionization is occuring in the afterglow of pulsed rare gas discharges.
  2. Sheath Resistance Measurements in the GEC Reference Reactor. L. J. Overzet, M. B. Hopkins, J. Kleber and K. Yi.  This is a poster I gave at the 1996 Gaseous Electronics Conference.  Sheath resistance affects the interpretation of Langmuir probe results becuase it leads to a rising of the plasma potential with probe current.  As such it can cause one to "measure" an anomalously large electron temperature (and low density).  It can become especially bad in high density plasma sources where the grounded electode area can be small or removed from contact with the plasma.
  3. Why and How to Pulse a Plasma.  L. J. Overzet.  I gave this presentation at Motorola in 1997 as a seminar.  It is an overview of why you would want to pulse a plasma and how you might go about it.

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