Digital Signal Processing

For Computer Science Students

Fall 2000

Graduate: CS6V81-502:CRN 12851

Undergraduate: CS4V95-501:CRN 12311

Instructor: Dr. Pervin

Digital Signal Processing is of very great importance to local industries. Until now, only EE students have had the mathematical background to study the subject. In this course we will cover both the mathematics and the applications of this field. It will emphasize the programming aspects of interest to CS students. TI and other local companies are supporting this course with both hardware and software because of their interest in developing CS graduates with some DSP knowledge.

Text: DSP First: A Multimedia Approach by McClennan, Schafer, and Yoder; Prentice-Hall, 1998.

(The idea behind this textbook is that DSP can be treated early in one's career and that fits into the need for C.S. students to have the mathematical material included with the subject matter that uses it. This will, therefore, be a mathematically intensive course)

As an experimental class, both undergraduates and graduate students will be allowed to take this course, but graduate students will be expected to do some additional work.

The main difference will be additional projects to be submitted during the semester. While the undergraduates will only be expected to do the basic examples from the text, the graduates will be expected to go much further and develop their own more significant examples of DSP programming. Depending on the hardware available, they may also have the opportunity to use TI's Code Composer in their work.

For further information about this course, please contact Dr. Pervin whose e-mail address is:

Description: Introduction to the fundamentals of digital signal processing. Actual sound and images will be manipulated. Data compression will be considered. Topics include frequency response, sampling, and filtering. The mathematics necessary will be covered in this course. MATLAB and, perhaps, TI's Code Composer will be used to demonstrate the theoretical ideas.

Prerequisites: CS5303 (CS1315&2315), CS5330 (CS2325) or the equivalents plus one year of calculus (MATH 1471&1472) and linear algebra (MATH 2418).

This course is not for EE majors who should take EE4361.

Class meets 5:30pm-6:45pm in EC2.112.

T.A.: Yingtao Jiang; MW 3-5 in EC4.508