Dr. B. Prabhakaran is Professor of of Computer Science, in the University of Texas at Dallas. Prof B. Prabhakaran works in the area of multimedia systems. Currently, he is focusing on: (i) video and health-care data analytics; (ii) streaming of 3D video, animations, and deformable 3D models; (iii) content protection and authentication of multimedia objects; (iv) Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees for streaming multimedia data in wireless adhoc and mesh networks; and (v) collaborative virtual environments. In the past, he has worked on multimedia databases, authoring & presentation, resource management, and scalable web-based multimedia presentation servers. He has published several research papers in prestigious conferences and journals in this area.

Dr. Prabhakaran received the prestigious NSF CAREER Award FY 2003 for his proposal on Animation Databases. Dr. Prabhakaran is General Co-Chair of ACM Multimedia 2011. He is also Technical Program Co-Chair of IEEE WoWMoM 2012 (World of Wireless, Mobile, and Multimedia Networks). He served as the TPC Co-Chair of IEEE ISM 2010 (International Symposium on Multimedia). Dr Prabhakaran is a Member of the Executive Council of the ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) and is the Co-Chair of IEEE Technical Committe on Multimedia Computing (TCMC) Special Interest Group on Video Analytics (SIGVA).

Dr Prabhakaran is the Editor-in-Chief of the ACM SIGMM (Special Interest Group on Multimedia) web magazine. He is Member of the Editorial board of Multimedia Systems Journal (Springer) and Multimedia Tools and Applications journal (Springer). He has served as guest-editor (special issue on Multimedia Authoring and Presentation) for ACM Multimedia Systems journal. He has also served as program committee member on several multimedia conferences and workshops. Dr. Prabhakaran has also presented tutorials in several conferences on topics such as network resource management, adaptive multimedia presentations, and scalable multimedia servers

Prof Prabhakaran's research has been funded by Federal Agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and USA Army Research Office (ARO). He is currently the Principal Investogator of a $2.4 million NSF research grant that involves 8 researchers from different disciplines. This research project explores multi-modality in 3D Tele-Immersion. He has also received generous research funding from industries, research laboratories and consortiums such as QuEST Forum, Texas Instruments, Alcatel-Lucent, Texas Emerging Technology Fund, Texas Medical (TexMed) Consortium. In effect, Prof Prabhakaran has contributed to nearly $10 million in research funding in the last several years.

Prof B. Prabhakaran is an ACM Distinguished Scientist from 2011.



ECSS, #3-706, Department of Computer Science,
University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX 75083
Ph:+1- 972 883 4680