Director, Multi-Agent and Visualization Systems (MAVS) Lab .


Interests: Software Engineering, Multi-Agent Systems, Autonomic Systems

I am a Software Engineer by "design" and a Multi-Agent System Engineer by "desire and intention".


My current interests are in the definition and application of AI-based engineering processes, methodologies and techniques for the development of agent-based solutions for real-world problems. Given the skepticism towards the agent paradigm in the U.S., my initial efforts have focused on the development of large-scale agent-based simulation frameworks to simulate and validate a variety of realistic societal systems.  


For many years, before joining the Agent community, I was a researcher in main stream software engineering and have published in the areas of formal specification and validation, software reuse, software metrics, software model transformation, software visualization, and software engineering education. My research team developed software tools that were used in real-world applications.


Coming from a software engineering background, it is my belief that whatever is "Object-Oriented" nowadays will become "Agent-Oriented" in the future. In order for the agent paradigm to gain widespread acceptance, it is necessary to apply engineering best practices for the development of high impact real-world agent systems. Having been exposed to both fields, I aim at proposing new perspectives on how to bridge the gap between the two communities and determining ways to entice a new generation of Software Engineering researchers to think, model and construct in terms of agents.  

Research in Multi-Agent Systems: Multi-Agent and Visualization Systems (MAVS) Lab

Past Research in Software Engineering: Software Engineering Research Projects