From an educational perspective, I contributed to the definition of the Master and PhD degrees in Software Engineering, and have founded and directed the Executive Master's in Software Engineering program at UT Dallas.


    Courses Developed and Taught:

  • CS 6V81: Recent Advances in Computing: Multi-Agent Systems (graduate)

  • SE/CS 6387: Advanced Software Engineering Project (graduate)

  • SE/CS 6354: Advanced Software Engineering (graduate)

  • SE/CS 3354: Software Engineering (undergrad)

  • SE/CS 6329: Object-Oriented Software Engineering (graduate)

  • SE/CS 6359: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (graduate)

  • SE/CS 6388: Project Planning and Management (graduate)

  • SE/CS 6356: Software Maintenance and Re-engineering (graduate)

  • SE/CS 6V81: Software Reuse (graduate)

  • SE/CS 3361: Requirements Engineering (undergraduate)

  • CS 6363: Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms (graduate)