• Multi-Document Person Name Resolution
    Michael Fleischman and Eduard Hovy

  • Cross Document Co-Reference Resolution Applications for People in the Legal Domain
    Christopher Dozier and Thomas Zielund

  • Event Clustering on Streaming News Using Co-Reference Chains and Event Words
    June-Jei Kuo and Hsin-Hsi Chen

  • Coreference Resolution for Information Extraction
    Dmitry Zelenko, Chinatsu Aone and Jason Tibbetts

  • Applying Coreference to Improve Name Recognition
    Heng Ji and Ralph Grishman

  • Using Word Similarity Lists for Resolving Indirect Anaphora
    Caroline Gasperin and Renata Vieira

  • Discourse-New Detectors for Definite Description Resolution: A Survey and a Preliminary Proposal
    Massimo Poesio, Olga Uryupina, Renata Vieira, Mijail Alexandrov-Kabadjov and Rodrigo Goulart

  • Dynamic Centering
    Daniel Hardt

  • Ellipsis Resolution for Disguised Agent
    Shigeko Nariyama

  • Reference Resolution over a Restricted Domain: References to Documents
    Andrei Popescu-Belis and Denis Lalanne

  • BioAR: Anaphora Resolution for Relating Protein Names to Proteome Database Entries
    Jung-Jae Kim and Jong C. Park

  • Ellipsis Resolution by Controlled Default Unification for Multi-modal and Speech Dialog Systems
    Michael Streit and HansUlrich Krieger

  • An Algorithm for Resolving Individual and Abstract Anaphora in Danish Texts and Dialogues
    Costanza Navarretta

  • Topic Identification in Chinese Based on Centering Model
    Ching-Long Yeh and Yi-Chun Chen