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Categorized in four areas:

bullet Operations Management
bullet Finance and Economics
bullet Marketing
bullet Optimization Theory and Miscellaneous Applications

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•   Honors   •

  • 2020

    Best Paper Award Named After Suresh Sethi : Production and Operations Management (POMS), has instituted a Suresh Sethi Best Interdisciplinary Paper Award to be given every two years beginning 2022.

  • 2018

    Honorable Mention: Wickham-Skinner Best Paper Published in POM-2017, The 29th Annual Production and Operations Management (POMS) Conference held in Houston, TX

  • 2015

    Alumni Achievement Award, Tepper School, Carnegie Mellon University

  • 2012

    President, Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)

  • 2011

    Honored by POMS in its flagship journal Production and Operations Management, Vol. 20, No. 6

  • 2009

    Fellow, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) citation)

    Best Paper Award at the 13th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing, Moscow, Russia (June 3-5)

  • 2008

    Distinguished Alumnus Award, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) UTD News Release

    Outstanding Student Paper Award – Nominating Professor, Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology 2008 Conference (PICMET), Cape Town, South Africa, July 27-31, 2008. (citation)

  • 2006

    International Conference on Management Science: Optimization Models and Applications in Honor of Professor Suresh Sethi's 60th Birthday, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX, May 20-22, 2006. UTD News Release

    Stochastic Processes, Optimization, and Control Theory: Applications in Financial Engineering, Queueing Networks, and Manufacturing Systems/ A Volume in Honor of Suresh Sethi; Series: International Series in Operations Research Management Science, Vol. 94, H. Yan, G. Yin, and Q. Zhang (Eds.), Springer, 2006.

  • 2005

    Fellow, Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) UTD News Release

    Optimal Control and Dynamic Games: Workshop in Honor of Suresh Sethi, Aix en Provence, France, June 2-6, 2005, resulting in publication of Optimal Control and Dynamic Games, Applications in Finance, Management Science and Economics, Series: Advances in computational Management Science, Vol. 7, C. Deissenberg and R.F. Hartl (Eds.), Springer, Netherlands, 2005.

  • 2004

    Wickham-Skinner Best Paper Award at The 2nd World Conference on POM, 15th Annual Production and Operations Management Conference held in Cancun, Mexico.

  • 2003

    Fellow, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) (citation)UTD News Release

    Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Sicence (AAAS)(citation)

  • 2002

    Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (citation)

  • 2001

    Outstanding Contribution in Education Award from the Greater Dallas Indo-American Chamber of Commerce

    Senior Member, Operational Research Society of India (ORSI)

    First listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World
    First listed in Marquis Who's Who in the America

  • 2000

    Senior Research Fellow, IC2Institute

  • 1999

    Fellow, New York Academy Academy of Sciences (NYAS) (citation)

  • 1998

    C.Y.O'Connor Fellow, Curtin Univ., Perth, Australia (June-July).

  • 1997

    First listed in Canadian Who's Who, Univ. of Toronto Press.

    Honorary Professor, Patel Institute of Management and Information Technology, Bishanpura, Sector-58, Noida-201301, India

  • 1996

    Award of Merit of Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) (citation)

    Honorary Professor, Zhejiang Univ. of Technology, Hangzhou, China

  • 1995

    Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

  • 1994

    Fellow, Royal Society of Canada (FRSC) - (The Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada) (citation)

  • 1992

    Best Paper Award at POM-92 (second prize), The 3rd Annual Meeting of Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) held in Orlando, FL (Oct. 18-21) (citation)

  • 1991

    Erskine Fellow (Feb–March) University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ

  • 1990

    Full Member, Operations Research Society of America (merged into INFORMS in 1995)

  • 1984-85

    Connaught Senior Research Fellow, University of Toronto

  • 1971

    Phi Kappa Phi (National Honor Society in all fields)

  • 1969

    Beta Gamma Sigma (National Honor Society in Business Administration)

  • 1969-72

    GSIA and Mellon Fellowships, Carnegie Mellon

  • 1967-69

    Teaching Assistantships

  • 1961-67

    Merit Scholarships

•   About Me   •

Suresh P. Sethi is Eugene McDermott Chair Professor of Operations Management and Director of the Center for Intelligent Supply Networks at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has written 11 books and published over 400 research papers in the fields of manufacturing and operations management, finance and economics, marketing, and optimization theory. He initiated and developed the doctoral programs in operations management at both The University of Texas at Dallas and University of Toronto. He serves on the editorial boards of several journals including Production and Operations Management and SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization. He was named a Fellow of The Royal Society of Canada in 1994. Two conferences were organized and two books edited in his honor in 2005-6. Other honors include: IEEE Fellow (2001), INFORMS Fellow (2003), AAAS Fellow (2003), POMS Fellow (2005), IITB Distinguished Alum (2008), SIAM Fellow (2009), POMS President (2012), INFORMS Fellows Selection Committee (2014-16), Alumni Achievement Award, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University (2015), Best Paper Award Named After Suresh Sethi: Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) has instituted a Suresh Sethi Best Interdisciplinary Paper Award to be given every two years beginning 2022. He also has been a great supervisor to many Doctoral and Post Doctoral Students.

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Suresh P. Sethi

Eugene McDermott Chair
Professor of Operations Management
Director, Center for Intelligent Supply Networks (C4iSN)
Naveen Jindal School of Management, Mail Station SM30
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Rd.
Richardson, Texas 75080-3021
Phone: (972) 883-6245
Fax: (972) 883-5905

Recipient of the 2015 Tepper Alumni Achievement Award
ICORES 2020 Malta, Keynote Speech
SYM-OP-IS 2020 Serbia, Plenary Talk
Kusch Presentation 2016