CS 6349: Network Security (Spring 2019)

Syllabus Schedule
Instructor: Shuang Hao
Email: shao -at- utdallas.edu
Office: ECSS 3.705
Office hours: 4:30-5:30 pm Wednesday
Class time: 4-6:45 pm Friday
Location: ECSN 2.120
Class TA: Dipendra Karki

Course Overview

CS 6349 is a graduate-level network security course. We will cover theoretical and practical aspects of network security. Topics include cryptography and its applications, TCP/IP-based vulnerabilities, denial-of-service attacks, protocol issues, worms and botnets, web security, detection and defense mechanisms.


CS 5390 Computer Networks is a pre-requisite.

Textbook and Reading List

The course has no mandatory textbook. The topics will be covered in lectures. The recommended books are:

Grading Policy

The grade will be computed based on the following components:

- Class Participation will be based on attendance.

- Homework Assignments will include written and programming assignments. There will be 3-4 assignmentss.

- Midterm and Final Exams are based on the lectures and homeworks.

- Class Project will be completed individually or in a team of two. The project ideas need to be approved by the instructor.

Tentative Course Schedule

The lecture schedule is subject to change based on the course progress.

Date Topic
01/18Course Overview
02/01Cryptography II
02/08Network Attacks
02/15Network Attacks II
02/22Protocol Security
03/01Protocol Security II
03/08Midterm Exam
03/15Web Security
03/22Spring Break
03/29Web Security
04/05Web Security II
04/12Web Security III
04/19Malware, Spam, and Defense
04/26Project Presentation
05/03Final Exam