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Much of my research falls within the area of workplace inequality including gender and racial/ethnic disparities in promotions and authority, earnings, and recruitment as well as job- and occupational-level segregation across organizations and industries. 

My current research agenda includes several projects, one that investigates the influence of female board of directors and executives on women's managerial representation in Fortune 1000 companies.  A second project focuses on how sex workplace discrimination and job characteristics influence women's and men's health 

Recent Publications

Sheryl Skaggs. 2009. "Legal-Political Pressures and African American Access to Managerial Jobs." American Sociological Review.

Kmec, Julie A. and Sheryl Skaggs. 2009. "Organizational Variation in Formal Equal Employment Opportunity Structures." Sociological Forum.

Sheryl Skaggs. 2008. "Producing Change or Bagging Opportunity? The Effects of Discrimination Litigation on Women in Supermarket Management." American Journal of Sociology 113:1148-83.


Undergraduate:  Work and Occupations    Gender and Work    Class, Status and Power

Graduate:  Socio-Economic Theories   Social Stratification   Gender and Policy  

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