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Scope and History of Executive Programs

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Links to Executive Programs

 • Executive MBA Program
 • Global Leadership Executive MBA (Online) Program
 • Project Management Program
 • Alliance for Medical Management Education
 • Executive and Professional Coaching Program
 • Enterprise 2020
 • Center for Global Business
 • Organization Development


Executive Education Contacts

Executive Programs Office
Associate Dean Dr. David Springate
Business Manager Ms. Diane West
Administrative Services Officer Ms. Paula Baxter
Administrative Services Officer Ms. Sharon Pianka
Administrative Assistant Ms. Debbie Davis
Administrative Assistant Ms. Lana Baker
Executive MBA Program
Director Dr. Jasper Arnold
Program Coordinator Ms. Sandy Burdine
Administrative Assistant Ms. Teresa Kruse
Global Leadership Executive MBA Program
Director Dr. Anne Ferrante
Track Manager Dr. Carolyn Reichert
Track Manager Dr. Jonathan Hochberg
Manager, Operations & Services Mr. Robert Hinton
Administrative Services Officer Ms. Robin Brinker
Admissions Coordinator Ms. Sue Heiler
Project Management Executive MBA Program
Director Mr. Jim Joiner
Assistant Director Mr. Jim Szot
Program Coordinator Ms. Carolyn Cooper
Program Coordinator Ms. Susan P Mckenzie
Program Manager Ms. Glenda G Jones
Professional Development Ms. Debbie Samac
IT Specialist Mr. Wei Wang
Technical Support Mr. David Wurmstein
Healthcare Executive MBA Program
Director Dr. John McCracken
Program Manager Ms. Deborah Dickinson
Administrative Assistant Ms. Wendy Loendorf
The Center for Global Business
Director Mr. John Fowler
Program Coordinator Ms. Judith Aubrey
Leadership and Organization Development Programs
Director Mr. Jim Newstead
Administrative Assistant Ms. Candan Kalkanli
Executive and Professional Coaching Program
Director Dr. Robert Hicks
Program Coordinator Ms. Judy Clothier
Administrative Assistant Ms. Danielle Edwards-Crandall

Enterprise Transformation Program
Director Dr. Michael Oliff

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