This page houses data that I have used for various research projects.

These data are available to the public in order to replicate analyses from my work.  I will continue to
update this page as I can.

The Alec Stone Sweet and Thomas L. Brunell Data Set on Infringement Procedings in EC Law. This is the data for lawsuits brought under Article 226 of the European Treaty where the European Commission sues a member state directly. The data are available in Stata format or Excel format. You should also download the Codebook (in Word format).

The Alec Stone Sweet and Thomas L. Brunell Data Set on Preliminary References in EC
Law (1999), Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute.  Read the codebook for
information regarding how to use the data and which publications have utilized this dataset.
Data in Excel format.
Codebook in HTML format.
Codebook in MS Word format

The following data set is from my work on divided Senate delegations.  The reference for this dataset is:
Brunell, Thomas L. and Bernard Grofman. 1998. "Explaining Divided Senate Delegations 1788-1996: A
Realignment Approach." American Political Science Review, 92(June,2): 391-99.

Data in excel format

The following data set is from the article Solowiej, Lisa and Thomas L. Brunell. 2003. "The Entrance of Women to the U.S. Congress: The Widow Effect."  Political Research Quarterly 56(3): 283-292.
Data in Stata format

The following is a zip file containing Stata files from the NES and one do file to conduct the simulations from: Brunell, Thomas L. and John DiNardo. 2004. "A Propensity Score Reweighting Approach to Estimating the Partisan Effects of Full Turnout in American Presidential Elections." Political Analysis 12(1):28-45.
Zip file with Stata do file and data files
Note - In order for the do file to work you will have to edit wherever there is a reference to a file location.