Finance 6301

Welcome to the alternative web site for the Global MBA version of Finance 6301. The server doesn't have enough storage for me to post the power point lectures with the embedded audio tracks. However, when webct is down and you need lecture notes, homework sets, or homework solutions, they will be here waiting for you. The required textbook for the course is the fifth edition of Ross, Westerfield, and Jaffe.

During the semester, I plan to make lecture notes, spreadsheet assignments, and detailed homework solutions for the assigned homework available on this Web location. As you might expect, the homework solutions listed below will not become available until two weeks after the assignment listed in the syllabus. Once the homework solution is available, I will note 'available' next to the link so that you won't waste time trying to download items that are not ready (for your eyes anyway).

Click on the highlighted file name to download the Course Syllabus for Finance 6301.

To Download Lecture Notes , Homework Solutions or, Homework Assignments

Click on the highlighted file name to download the lecture notes and homework solutions listed below. Due to the inclusion of a significant number of formulas and equations in the lecture notes and homework solutions, these documents have been saved in a format which you may be unable to view from my Webb page. However, all of these documents can be downloaded to your PC. Once you have the document on your PC, you may examine the document visually using Word, Word Perfect, or other word processing packages and/or print out a copy for yourself. Due to a change in the format relative to the format used to create these documents, I apologize in advance for the fact that some of the original pages may require an additional page when printed out.

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