Ted Day
Professor of Finance
School of Management

Welcome to Ted Day's Web page. Lecture notes, homework assignments, and solution sets for the courses that Professor Day is teaching this semester can be accessed by clicking the respective course numbers. Syllabi for courses that Professor Day is likely to teach during future semesters (along with listings for lecture notes and problem sets that are not currently available) are also available under the respective course headings. Although these materials cannot be viewed on the Webb page, you can download them to your PC, where you can either view said materials or else print out a copy for your files. Users of this Web page may at times be inconvenienced by the fact that Professor Day is a poor speller and a lousy Web master. If you have been denied access to course materials for either BA 4348 or Finance 6310 that should be available by now, send e-mail to tday@utdallas.edu or call 972-883-2743. If the materials that you need are ready, the Web master will attempt to make these materials accessible while you wait (many access problems can be corrected in two minutes or less).

UTD Classes

Business Administration 4348: Options and Futures Markets

Finance 6301: Financial Management

Finance 6310: Investment Management

Finance 6360: Advanced Investment Management/Options and Futures Markets

Global MBA Program