Dr. Tien N. Nguyen, Professor









Current Ph.D. Students

Ngoc Tran

Son Van Nguyen

Tan Minh Nguyen

Hung Dang Phan (ISU)

Current M.Sc. Students



Tung Thanh Nguyen, Ph.D. (tung@usu.edu): Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Utah State University

Hoan Anh Nguyen, Ph.D. (Amazon Research)

Anh Tuan Nguyen, Ph.D. (anhnt@iastate.edu): Researcher at Misfit Wearables

Hung Viet Nguyen (hungnv@iastate.edu)

Nam Hoai Pham, Amazon (Seatle)

Daniel DeGraf (National Security Agency)

Ahmed Tamrawi (Ph.D. student at ISU)

Hideaki Hata (Post-doc visiting researcher), currently Assistant Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Lisong Guo

Thanh Van Nguyen (thanhng@iastate.edu)

Trong Duc Nguyen (trong@iastate.edu)

Prospective Students

If you are interested in my research topics please contact me. I am also open to your research ideas and will be very happy to discuss about them. Please feel free to send me an email.

If you are undergraduate students and currently in honor programs, please contact me directly. If you are an M.S. or Ph.D. student, please come to talk to me as early as possible to discuss about your research topics and potential funding opportunities.

Research Assistantships

RAs/TAs available.

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