16 Chapters from a book on microelectrode useages,
Microelectrode techniques, The Plymouth workshop handbook.
2nd Edition. Edited by D.C. Ogden. Company of Biologists,
Cambridge, UK. 1994. Used by permission.
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Using microelectrodes
Voltage clamp techniques
Separation and analysis of macroscopic currents
Patch clamp techniques for single channel and whole-cell recording
An introduction to the methods available for ion channel reconstitution
Practical analysis of single channel records
The interpretation of single channel recordings
Analysis of whole cell currents to estimate the kinetics and amplitude of underlying unitary events: relaxation and noise analysis
Patch clamp recording from cells in sliced tissues
Ion-sensitive microelectrodes
Intracellular ion measurement with fluorescent indicators
Microelectrode techniques in plant cells and microorganisms
Techniques for dye injection and cell labelling
Flash photolysis of caged compounds
Microelectrode electronics