control, optimization, and networks lab

tyler summers

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Welcome to the Control, Optimization, and Networks Lab!

We seek to understand the rich interplay of dynamics, control, optimization, information, and uncertainty in large-scale networks, such as the electric power grid and distributed multi-robot teams.

Check out our research overview and papers for more details.


We are currently looking for highly motivated PhD students and Postdocs with interests in control, optimization, and networks to join the research team. The ideal candidate has done coursework and research in systems, control, and optimization; however, enthusiasm and strong interest in our research areas can make up for some lack of specific experience.

For more information, please email me with any questions.

To apply, please email me a CV or resume, copies of transcripts, a statement of research interests, and a list of references.


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September 2019: Dr. Summers receives an award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research on Verifiable Hierarchical Sensing, Planning, and Control for a joint international project in collaboration with with Iman Shames, Miguel Ramirez, Nir Lipovetzky from the University of Melbourne and Mohammad Zamani from DST Australia!

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July 2017: Dr. Summers receives a National Science Foundation award for collaborative research on water networks with Ahmad Taha, Nikolaos Gatsis, and Marcio Giacomoni at UT San Antonio!

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November 2016: Dr. Summers receives a Young Investigator Award (YIP) from the Army Research Office!

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July 2016: Dr. Summers is awarded a CISE Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) grant from the National Science Foundation!