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NX Client

0. Unix/Linux tutorial

If you are not familiar working with Unix/Linux system, please go to the Unix/Linux tutorial website or read the full tutorial.

1. Installing the NX Client

Connect to UTD VPN first if off campus, please check here.

1) Get the NX Client

Download NX client here, if you are working on your own device.

Computers in Solarium Lab ECSN 4.324 has the NX Client installed, no need to install anything if you are working in the lab.

2) Setup the NX Client

Follow the instruction to complete setup.

NX Client FAQ

If you have the following error message after you source the profile and hence can't open icfb,

***** Operating system not recognized ******

Or other error messages saying some normal commands not found, this is a path setting problem.

This commands can solve this problem

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/bin' >> ~/.bash_profile && exec $SHELL -i

If you have the following error while trying to connect to NX client:

The remote proxy closed connection while negotiating the session.

This may be due to the wrong authentication credentials passed to the server.

This is because you are over quota of your disk. You will have to remove some files before logging in.

You may use the computers in the Solarium Lab and find the H: drive (which is your home directory) and remove some files, or you may map a network drive on your own device.

Here are some more issues and resolves may help.

Last update: April 8, 2022 10:11:19