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Waveform viewer - WaveView by Synopsys

Go to your HSPICE working directory first.

cd ~/cad/spice

Source this profile first

. /proj/cad/startup/profile.synopsys_2018

Open WaveView by

wv &

open simulation file by click the button of Import Waveform File

Select you simulation file:

  • Verilog simulation select YOUR_VERILOG_FILE.dump
  • Hspice simulation select YOUR_SPICE_FILE.tr0

then click OK

Select the test design toplevel and double click the signal of your interests

Measure tool: By click on the dynamic meter

Click on the Difference and check Locked Level of Y at 50.00 and check Percentage then click OK

After the meter is created, connect it to your signals. In this example, the delay time is 201p from input(in0) to output (out0)

Last update: September 1, 2022 13:15:33