Yan Cao ,  Associate Professor

        Department of Mathematical Sciences
        University of Texas at Dallas
        P.O. Box 830688, EC 35
        Richardson TX 75083-0688
        Tel: (972)883-6458
        Email:  yan 'dot' cao 'at' utdallas 'dot' edu



Research Interests

My research interests lie in the general areas of computer vision and pattern theory, especially biomedical applications. My current research is focused on shape analysis and shape models in two and three dimensions. People can recognize the same or similar shapes in any circumstance, and they have a good intuition on what is the main structure and what is the variation of a shape. We want the computer to do the same thing. There is a lot of mathematics to be done to achieve this goal. The theory in three dimensions is especially challenging. In two dimensions, the medial axis and the geometric heat equation are powerful tools, but both of these are less satisfactory in three dimensions. Understanding the geometry of three-dimensional shapes still presents many problems.

Selected Publications