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This page is dedicated to the promotion of recreational partner dancing, including Ballroom, Latin, and Swing. It contains lists of places to dance in major US cities, dance events, competitions, lists of standard dance patterns (syllabus) in American and International style, books on dancing, useful hints for beginner competitors, and dance related links.

Places to Dance

The following documents provide up-to-date information on places to dance. Included are descriptions of the dance establishments (what kind of crowd, music, and ambiance you can expect), addresses and phone numbers, times, dates, admission prices, driving directions, and maps.

New York City
New Jersey



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on places to dance

General Information

* Elements of Dance Etiquette

* Success and Enjoyment in Social Dancing

* Essentials of Dance Competitions (Hints, pointers, and checklist)

* Books on Dancing

* ISTD Syllabus (International Standard and Latin)

* IDTA Syllabus (International Standard and Latin)

* American Smooth and Rhythm Syllabus

* FTC Consumer Guidelines on Dance Studios

Related Dance Links

* General Dance Resources

* Organizations and Establishments

* Dance Supplies and Services

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