Fall: BMEN 4310 Feedback Systems in Biomedical Engineering
An introduction to the basic concepts of feedback control and the applications in bioengineering.

Spring: BMEN 6382 Systems Biology
An interdisciplinary course on the design principles of biological systems, with a focus on the experimental and theoretical tools used to shed light on biological circuits.

Fall: BMEN/EEBM 6374 Molecular and Cell Biology for Engineers
This course provides an introduction to principles of modern molecular and cellular biology for engineers and other non-life-scientists.

Undergraduate Research: The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM)

iGEM 2014: Bactericidal and bacteriostatic probiotics

iGEM 2013: A multifaceted approach against tooth decay

iGEM 2012: A synergistic approach to biological computing

iGEM 2011: Immunobots, a step towards intelligent probiotics

iGEM 2010: A modular whole-cell biosensor for the detection of environmental pollutants