Hsu Lab members

Hsu group research focuses on nanoscale materials physics, in particular nanomaterials for optoelectronic and energy applications. Research projects include organic and perovskite photovoltaics, nanomaterial synthesis, solution processing of inorganic nanocrystals and thin films, materials processing using photons for high throughput manufacturing, electrical and optoelectronic studies of solar cells and thin film transistors, nanocomposites for dielectric waveguides, and Earth-abundant oxides for toxic NOx abatement.

We emphasize low-temperature solution synthesis and processing of inorganics that are compatible with organic materials and conducive to large-area manufacturing, and apply a wide variety of experimental techniques for materials characterization, including XRD, SEM/TEM, AFM, XPS, UV-vis absorption, ellipsometry, Kelvin probe, photoelectron spectroscopy in air (PESA), FTIR, and thermal analysis (TGA and TPD). We also perform solar cell, transistor, and capacitor device fabrication and testing. In particular, spectral-resolved quantum efficiency measurement and impedance spectroscopy under light are powerful in elucidating photoinduced charge generation, transport, and recombination. Numerical simulation methods are applied to explain experimental results.