Panel Data Econometrics

Common Factor Analysis for Empirical Researchers


This website will be regularly updated every quarter. I will upload new data sets and empirical examples. If you want me to include your empirical study as an example (so others can cite your paper), please provide your data (either Stata or cvs format) and program codes with explanations. Also provide the web link to your paper as well. See the below link for 'Other codes and related Papers'.



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1. Basic Structure of Panel Data

2 Statistical Models for Cross Sectional Dependence

3 Factor Number Identification

4 Decomposition of Panel: Estimation of Common and Idiosyncratic Components

5 Identification of Common Factors

6 Static and Dynamic Relationships

          New Addition: STATA codes for CCE and CCMG. See 'Stata codes for CCE estimation' in the below.

                        Explanation for file

7 Convergence

8 Appendix: Basic Panel Regressions


Exercise Data and Program Codes

Data and Programs for STATA

Data and Programs for MATLAB

Data and Programs for GAUSS


Other Codes and Related Papers


1.     MATLAB codes for Factor number estimations by Hanbat Jeong.

a.     Model selection for factor analysis: Some new criteria and performance comparisons, Econometric Review 2018, In Choi and Hanbat Jeong.

b.     Codes and Readme file


2.     Stata codes for CCE estimation

a.     XTCCE by Tim Neal: (Click here to visit his site)

b.     XTMG by Markus Eberhardt: (Click here to visit his site)