Elena Katok

Journal Publications

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Book Chapters and Special Issue Introductions

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Working Papers

Drafts of these papers exist in some form. If there is no link to a PDF file for the paper you are interested in, please email me and request it.

Behavioral Operations Management

  1. SebastiŠn Villa and Elena Katok, Negotiating Transfer Prices for Improving Supply Chain Transshipments, Draft Date 2018

  2. Valery Pavlov and Elena Katok, Fairness and Coordination Failures in Supply Chain Contracts, Draft Date 2016

  3. Bahriye Cesaret and Elena Katok, A Behavioral Study of Capacity Allocation in Revenue Management Draft Date 2016

Market Design and Procurement

  1. Zhixi Wan and Elena Katok, How Supplier Scorecards Affect Procurement Quality: A Behavioral Study.

  2. Elena Katok and Lijia Tan, Procurement in the Presence of Supply Disruptions, Draft Date 2017

Behavioral Economics

  1. Daniel Genin and Elena Katok, Non-equilibrium dynamics of the market entry game. Draft: May 2006.

  2. Elena Katok and Timothy C. Salmon, Response of Risky Choice to Variance Reduction.